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Independent Consulting Services

Renetta Maldonado, Manager

I started Independent Consulting over 25 years ago. Initially we just did bookkeeping services and transitioned businesses to the computer age. I was one of the first in the accounting business to be fully computerized. Innovation was key at the time. My drive for success in this business was to help people with difficult situations. It always felt good to know that I could make a difference for someone and to also relieve their stress.

I had a situation where a client of mine was going through a divorce and at the same time was trying to buy a building for the business. She needed financials for both. It was a challenge because on one side she needed to look unsuccessful for the divorce and on the other hand had to qualify for a new loan. Due to the magic of accounting and reporting periods, we were able to successfully achieve both.

Our business is growing and expanding, the goal is to continue to improve on services as well as include Professional Fiduciary Services. There is such a need for this in our community. Many times individuals are alone or being victimized. My passion has always been for the underdog. As I enter this next phase in my life, this well be my priority.

As a well-rounded never stop smiling kind of women born in Chicago, IL and raised in Fremont, CA.

Attending Bay Area School for all my formal education,

American High School Class of 1996.
Chabot College for general education,
Silicon Valley College for Associates of Applied Science Degree in Network Systems Administration
Brooks College for an Associate degree in Fashion Design.

 My early employment started in my high school ROP class running the student store. After High School, my first career as a Peer to Peer Educational Trainer and Community Outreach Worker in Oakland Unified Schools for the Alameda County Public Health Department. This is where I learn to work with many different types of people in the communities. Since 2000 I have been in Administrative roles for different industries such as executive banking offices, distribution, merchandising, private health and financial services. I have always been in a careers where I serve the public, now working at ICS I have the chance to see my dreams come true.

  I work to be helpful and kind in all that I do. My hobbies include my crafting company where I make greeting cards, scrapbook pages and crafts for my community. One day hoping to open a Non-Profit for those looking for healing through art.

Iris Hecker, EA

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